Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hennessy Artistry 2013 @ SPICE (PISA), Penang

Henry Tan | 8:00 PM | |
Hoho! So this is my 4th years to go Hennessy Artistry!!
Check out all the previous one. 

Fuhh! I've been partying for so long! XD

Well anyhow here are the photos:

24 Herbs! They are damn cool!! 

Andy Murphy! We were like ants down there! LOL

Nicole Chen! =DDD

The photobooth replace the 360 cam!

Let the party started~~!!

Glasses of Hennessy~~

Plus all the pretty girls! =D

Thean Keat - my drinking buddy? lol

With the big group of bloggers and their plus one! =D

The bloggers =D

My new found brother - Thierry! with our drunk face lol

The same group of people that went for Xplay 2012

Met Suh Yin and her friends.

Met Jillian and Qian Qian there too! 

Lastly, the friend we met last year in HA - May!

We're up all night to get lucky~~!!

Well, definitely a fun party!
But my only wish for next HA - bring a gf to go! >.< LOL

Till then. ;)
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  1. wahhhh party animal! Hahaha... so many lengzai lenglui! :D

  2. andy murhy damn handsome la weii! haha hope u bring a gf next year. isit July arr? :P

  3. Wah son, you party very happy eh? I do hope after all that drinking somebody will drive you home instead of you driving drunk..

    1. haha dont worry la. im not drunk. =) if i wanna get drunk i will ask someone fetch me back. probably back her house. XD HAHAHAHAHHAHA


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