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Tian Ding Xiang @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

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If you are looking for Chinese cuisine as lunch or dinner in Gurney Plaza..

Tian Ding Xiang restaurant is a good choice!

Good place to dine in when you are in Gurney Plaza,
especially with your family or friends.
Better than eating fast food right. =D

Located at Level 6, right opposite of Old Town.

Quite spacious, suitable for family! =D

Stir-Fried Assorted Vegetables with Batong Spicy Sauce 香炒四皇 (RM13.80)
Well, this is none other than the 四大天王!

Trio Platter 鼎香三拼 (RM42.80)
Good to serve as appetizer! =D

The small octopus good to go with chili sauce too! =D

Stir-Fried Nanyang Seafood Ramen 南洋炒拉面 (RM14.80)
It's like mee goreng except using ramen!

Next, introducing.....

Peking Duck 北京片皮鸭
RM68.80 for whole bird 
RM38.80 for half bird

This one is interesting!!! Live show! 

Sliced out the crispy skin of the chicken!

Must consists a layer of skin, a layer of fats and a thin layer of meat!

And wrap up like this! =D

Wrapped with cucumber and spring onion! Super yummy!!
The combination of crispy skin, tender meat and the crunchy cucumber is just amazing!

Crispy Pork Knuckle 香炸咸猪手 (RM30.80)
This is my favorite!!!
Again, crispy skin and the layer of collagen!
I'm sure you know pork knuckle is a great source of natural collagen. 

See that bursting collagen!
Dip with sweet sour sauce... AWESOME!! 

Sauteed Chicken Cutlet with Marmite 妈咪香炒鸡块 (RM15.80)
Well, Marmite sauce is so appetizing!
That's why Marmite is always the sauce for children's food.

Fresh Seafood Ramen 五色海鲜拉面 (RM20.80)
5 different types of Ramen altogether in one bowl!
This is the spicy level 2 out of 10 levels!

All the seafood ingredient that I like!
But it is spicy for me even though just level 2! >.<

Double Boiled Pig Stomach with White Pepper Soup 老火炖猪肚汤 (RM16.80)
I always like this soup especially during the raining cold days.

Deep-Fried Sliced Lotus Root with Salted Egg Yolk 黄金咸蛋莲藕 (RM12.80)
Very special combination of salted egg yolk and lotus root!
It's crispy just like potato chips!
And the layer of salted egg yolk cover the plainness of lotus root.

A table full of food!
Again, 10 dishes!

That's not the end yet...

It's desserts time! =D

Chilled Jelly with Lemon Juice 柠檬爱玉冰 (RM5.80)
Sweetness from the lychee and sourness of lemon juice!
Good to cool down your body! 

See the jelly so..."springy"! lol

Signature Honey Dew Sago 鼎级哈密瓜西米露 (RM7.80)
 Another soothing dessert!
Personally I like this a lot.
Just make you can't stop eating!

Sea Coconut with Longan 海底椰龙眼雪耳 (RM5.80)
The dessert that full of healthy ingredient!

Creamy Peanut Soup 花生糊 (RM5.80)
Smooth and creamy peanut paste, thick but not sticky! yummy! 

Have a try and you will like it! =D

Till then. ;)
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  1. I think the Crispy Pork Knuckle is a better source of saturated fat rather than collagen :)

  2. From appetizer to main course, then ended with desserts. Indeed a great place to dine in with family and friends =)

  3. The Peking Duck skin given was so huge in size!

  4. wah, so hor liao ar. Quite pricey.

  5. the honeydew sago and peanut butter soup look so tasty!! I want some of the food myself hehe!


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