Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dicken Street Cafe @ Dicken Street, Penang

Henry Tan | 8:54 PM | |
Dicken Street Cafe is one of the cafe in my to-visit-list.
And my to-visit-list is never ending!
All thanks to the new cafes blooming in Penang! TT

It is a small cafe located infront of Police Station of Penang Road.

There's a red Patrick sitting there! =D

As usual, well decorated cafe.

May all who enter as guests, leave as friends!
Sounds great huh? =D

Mango yogurt and strawberry yogurt! =D - RM5.80 each!

Bacon Carbonara - RM14.80
A bit too dry! I prefer it to be wet and sticky! =p

Bacon & Potato Cheese Gratin - RM9.80
Must order!
Personally I find it very nice!
Smooth, creamy with awesome smell of bacons! =D

Tuna Pizza - RM12.80
Can be shared by two persons.

The pizza thin crust like a biscuit!
Is like eating biscuit with tuna spread! 

Cream Brulee - RM6.80
Soft and not too sweet.
The layer of hard caramel on top was thin to my liking too.

The cafe opens from 5pm-2am!

Go and give it a try! =D

30, Lebuh Dickens, 
016-444 2054

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  1. yummy yummy! this cafe not bad and affordable! the blue cheese pizza very nice!!!

    1. blue cheese huh? she got introduce us too but we thought we took too much cheese ad.
      perhaps can go try again next time. =D

  2. Mmmm....... I've to agree the carbonara looks a bit dry. Love your new banner!

  3. ahh anothee wonderful cafe in penang

  4. Replies
    1. yuppp surely it does! do go and have a visit! =D

  5. The carbonara looks a bit unappetizing >.<

  6. yeah, the food looks great but price quite expensive~ XD

    Regards, www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary)

    1. well cafe in georgetown usually price around that range.

  7. Hi Henry..:) I've nominated you for Liebster Awards. You can check out my blog for more details :)
    Btw, those food look delicious :)


Thanks! Appreciate your feedback! ^^

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