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Folks Cafe @ Lebuh Acheh, Penang

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Hello Folks! 
Have you heard about Folks Cafe located at Lebuh Acheh, Penang?
Well it is new in town, just 2 months plus!
Folks Cafe is actually the cafe under Flash Back Guest House.
So if you see the Flash Back signboard, you are at the right place!

Easy to spot as the signboard is catchy! (oh I mean Flash Back LOL)

Just a simple cozy cafe with some unique decoration

Dream catcher! Only good dreams are allow here! =D

Incandescent light bulbs are popular nowadays! 
Good effect for photo taking too!

I like their menu with distinctive design!

Mushroom Crunchy Salad - RM14
It's rare to see mushroom with salad!
But I gotta say they matched very well!
Roasted almond flakes, lettuce, corns, cherry tomatoes! 

Home made sesame dressing with citrus.
And of course salad dressing plays a major role in salad!
It's good that their dressing are all home made.

Nibblets - Mushroom Munchies - RM12 
Button Mushroom stuffed with cheese.
It is one of the superfood that provides high nutritional value.
 Mushroom lover MUST-TRY!

Folks Breakfast - RM16
Bacon, Sausage, Sunny side up, baked beans, tomatoes and toast.
A typical English breakfast that is enough to start a brand new day!

Something notable is that they serve brunch all day long!
Eat it anytime you want!

Carbonara Pasta - RM16
Strips of bacon & egg in cream sauce garnished with spring onions and bonito.
The egg yolk swirled into the pasta and giving the pasta a rich smooth egg creamy sauce.

I could not stop slurp-ing one after another!

Smoked Salmon Skinny Pizza - RM18
Generously big chunky smoked tuna placed on each slice of pizza.
The thin crust pizza is crispy topped with the soft delicately smoky taste of salmon.

Lime & Cilantro, Cucumber & Mint and Lychee & Lime
Refreshing Soda - RM9 each
Mocha - RM9

My Lime & Cilantro!
Cilantro, more commonly known as coriander!
I hate it when it is topped on those steamed fish dishes.
But this is absolutely refreshing!
Brilliant combination I would say! MUST-TRY!

That's all folks!

41, Lebuh Acheh, 
10300 Penang

Monday - Wednesday: 12 to 10:30pm 
Friday - Saturday: 12pm to 12am 
Sunday: 12 to 6pm 
Closed on Thursday
Tel: 010-2325163 

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  1. Woah, Nibblets - Mushroom Munchies look so yummy~
    I wan to try it !!
    but the drinks that u recommend look a bit like laksa.. ><"

    1. HAHAHAH yayaya laksa put a lot of "poho" too! but really refreshing!

  2. how to eat that breakfast on such a small board? =.="

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