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Buka Puasa Ramadhan Buffet @ Vistana Hotel Penang

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Looking for a place to buka puasa in Penang?
Vistana hotel is offering the Ramadhan special buffet at affordable price!
The Ramadhan feast this year comes with the theme of "Tok Wan 101 Recipes".

Tok Wan 101 Recipes Ramadhan Buffet
29th June - 27th July 2014 
RM48++ per adult / RM30++ per child
Vistana Hotels nationwide!

FYI, Tok Wan means grandmother in Pahang state term.
Hence this buffet definitely features authentic Malay dishes!

Let's go for a big buka puasa feast! =D

Vistana Hotel makes it at their big Ballroom that could easily accommodate large groups. 

While all the foods are ready right outside of the Ballroom.

Let's start with the appetizer!
*follow the sequence so that your stomach can fit in more! =D*

Plentiful of fresh tangy salads for you to choose!

Some of the notable ones are:
1. Kerabu Mangga 2. Cucumber and Mint Raita 3. Kerabu Sotong
4. Kerabu Chicken Feet 5. Tempe Ikan Bilis
And many many more!

Of course I can't try all! So here's my selection!
Kerabu Sotong and Tempe Ikan Bilis is a MUST! Really appetizing!
Somehow, Kerabu Chicken Feet was something new to me!

Malay style one would be the Ulam-ulaman that go together with sambals and sauces.
Cencaluk, budu and sambal nenas make the ulam appetizing!

Indian style salad would be the famous passembur!
All the basic ingredients are there for you to choose.

I like my passembur with beancurd, potatoes, prawn fritters and egg!
Shredded cucumber and bean sprouts are the one that make it crunchy and juicy!

Here comes the Chinese style salad. 

Simple beancurd stuffed with shredded cucumber and carrot top with peanut sauce.

Rojak! Just like a buffet with the mix of cuisines from different cultures.

Next Up! Soup! 

Soup is the best to warm the stomach after the appetizers!

My choice? Sup Daging Tulang! =D

Finally, the main course!

One long row of main dishes for you to choose.

Pajeri Terung, Ayam Goreng Madu Berbijian, Kari Telur and Daging Rendang Tok. (Clockwise)

Ayam Goreng Plum Sauce, Ayam Masak Kari Hijau, 
Daging Goreng Lada Hitam and Ikan Talapia Masak Nyonya Sauce. (Clockwise)

Many more that you just have to find it out yourself! 

Again, here's my selection! They served Nasi Tomato too!

And my second round with Nasi Briyani! 

If you think that's all for the buffet...
You are so wrong!
This is just half of it! 

MUST TRY Tok Wan's Fish Curry!

So hot, so spicy, so good to go with a big bowl of rice!

They got a noodle stall that serves noodles too!
Ingredients are all up to you to choose.

And I chose a small bowl of curry mee for myself. Yum Yum!

Vistana Hotel even serves Murtabak! On the spot!

The Ramadhan buffet expanded to the outdoor too!

The MUST-HAVE food for buka puasa must be Satay!

The aroma of satay could definitely makes you drool!

Their roasted lamb is another MUST-TRY!
Crispy skin with the tender yet juicy meat.
Goes really well with the yogurt sauce.

By now.. you are probably full!
But there's always a space for dessert!

And again, countless of desserts!

Mixed of Malay and Western desserts!

Some very attractive that you would be reluctant to eat!

And some very local kuih-muih.

These are my favorites! HEHE

Some of the toppings for ice cream!

Guilty for eating too much?
Have some fruits then! ;)

Did you see what I see?

YES! Purple mangosteen!
How rare is that? =D 

By now you should be dehydrated for drooling too much! =p
So what are you waiting for?

Call now for reservation!

Vistana Hotel Penang
213 Jalan Bukit Gambir, 
Bukit Jambul,11950 Penang.
Call +604 646 8000

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  1. It's like a foot heaven! I love the deserts part! :D

  2. Nice! can't wait to tell my husband. Plus it's so near to USM. Thanks!

    1. great that you like it! stay tuned! this year is coming again soon! =D

    2. great that you like it! stay tuned! this year is coming again soon! =D

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