Sunday, June 29, 2014

Go Girl! Pee Like a Man!

Henry Tan | 4:35 PM |
Warning: Disgusted content!
Okay, let's start!
Something can't be avoided in case of emergency…. 

Public toilet! 

I know right! This might not be the worst yet.

As a guy, I probably just need to sit on it for "big business".
But what about girls? Since our "mechanism" is a little bit different. 
I sympathize for those that gotta sit regardless of big or small business.  

What would you do for toilet like this? 

Here are some possible ways:

Wipe with toilet papers! (I'm sure everyone did this! =p)

Or even covered with toilet papers!

Here comes the Most-Geng method!

Squat on top of the toilet seat! 
Wonder who is this model huh? =p
Don't need guess, is me! 为艺术牺牲 LOL! XD 
(Just kidding... the photo was edited ;) )
Warning : Do not follow!

Any other better ways? 

One thing for sure, the ways mentioned above are not feasible.
1. Waste tissue - not environmental friendly.
2. Hygiene issue - not 100% clean.
3. Safety hazard - butt cracking

Need more reasons?
Well, prevention is better than cure!
Here's a good way for girls!

Go Girl!

Go Girl is a female urination device which let the girls to pee like a man!
Which means girls with Go Girl can pee while standing.
Here are some photos for you to have better imagination.

Small size and makes it portable to carry it anywhere!

The actual Go Girl device.

It is made of medical grade silicone which makes it really soft and elastic.

Don't worry! They have all the instructions to guide you!

Accurate aiming prevent from dripping all over your body or shoe!

Here's the review from my girlfriend:
1. Easy to wash, dry instantly and easy to store back into the tube.
2. Light weighted and convenient to bring it everywhere.

1. Water must be available in the toilet cubicle itself to wash. Otherwise... *shakeshead*

Practice at home when you are naked in your bathroom.
You do not want to wet your clothes outside without any training or testing.
Like the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect!"

What says you?

Perhaps you could give it a try! No harm afterall, right?
Guys could take this as a thoughtful gift for the girl too! ;)
Go Girl is available at MyAvenue.
Check out their Facebook Page for more info!
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  1. OMG @@ if i really see the first toilet bowl i will ki siao........

    1. HAHAHA this is consider very good ad lor. some.... unbearable! lol

  2. Replies
    1. hahaha i know right! that's why you need Go Girl to pee like a man! hehe


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