Friday, April 8, 2011

I am UTC! =D

Henry Tan | 9:02 AM |
This midterm break I came back mainly for the exam and the tour guide.
And both I have done it. =D

"I am a Unit Trust Consultant! "

 My result slip! =D


I was quite nervous actually cause i didn't study after the course.
I just based on my experience and my memory from the course.
Thanks god I passed the exam. =D

So my next target will be...

"Start investing myself!
Next time take as proof for others to see! =D"
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  1. i was asked to take this exam too by my mom, what is it actually??? after obtaining this, we can ...? hehe, enlighten me bro!

  2. lol. erm to be unit trust consultant. =)
    once u pass the exam, den u can register to be unit trust consultant. then people can buy mutual funds, unit trust etc etc from you. =)


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