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Chinese New Year & Valentine Day @ Eastin Hotel Penang

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Chinese New Year and Valentine Day is coming soon! This year Eastin Hotel Penang offers delightful dinner buffet menu in Swez Brasserie to tempt your appetite during this festive season. To celebrate the year of monkey, it was well decorated with all the Chinese festive elements. Check out the promotion flyers at the end of the post!

Chinese New Year Dinner Buffet Promotion

Eastin Hotel Penang - Mood lifting decoration!
Eastin Hotel Penang - Of course for the year of monkey!
What caught my attention the most is the choices of seafood available on ice! Eastin Hotel Penang provides fresh seafood like snow crabs, scallops, mussels, slipper lobsters, prawns and so on. Look at the amount and you know that it would be a eat-all-you-can big feast! Besides that, sashimi such as salmon, butter fish and octopus are available too. 

Eastin Hotel Penang - Seafood on ice
Eastin Hotel Penang - Sashimi
After all the raw seafood, you can continue with cold platters, cheese platters and salads. Among all of them, smoked salmon platter was done delicately into rose shapes. Compared to our last few visits, the food presentation now in Eastin Hotel Penang is much more appealing!

Eastin Hotel Penang - Cold Platters and Salads
Eastin Hotel Penang - Smoked Salmon Platters
Eastin Hotel Penang - Cheese Platter
Eastin Hotel Penang - Salads
Since it's celebration for Chinese New Year, Yee Sang is what you cannot missed out! Thankfully, Eastin Hotel Penang does offers Yee Sang too with different ingredients that up for you to choose. The variation includes Abalone Yee Sang, Salmon Fillet Yee Sang, Jelly Fish Yee Sang and even Fresh Fruits Yee Sang or Organic Vegetables Yee Sang for those health conscious person!  

Eastin Hotel Penang - Yee Sang
Eastin Hotel Penang - Lou Sang with all the medias, Eastin staffs and chefs!
Here comes the main dishes which I felt that they have improved a lot in terms of taste and presentation. Their main dishes are no longer those predictable one but instead with some nice name such as Romeo Sour Curry Fish, Wok Fried Tiger Prawns with Salted Egg Gravy, Pan Fried Fish with Saffron Sauce, Creamy Mixed Seafood with Cheese, Curry Leaf Thai Sweet Kapar, Juliet Coconut Squid and Tandoori Lamb Chop with Cucumber Raita. Among all the main dishes, Creamy Mixed Seafood with Cheese is our favorite.

Eastin Hotel Penang - Well decorated main dishes
Eastin Hotel Penang - Wok Fried Tiger Prawns with Salted Egg Gravy
Eastin Hotel Penang - Main Dishes
Eastin Hotel Penang - Creamy Mixed Seafood with Cheese
Eastin Hotel Penang offers a wide selection of dessert to end your buffet dinner too. Red Velvet, Classic Cheese Cake, French Pastries, House Pudding, Chocolate Fountain, Nyonya Kuih, Assorted Fruits and so on. 

Eastin Hotel Penang - Desserts
Eastin Hotel Penang - Chocolate Fountain
Eastin Hotel Penang - Cakessss!
Eastin Hotel Penang - Assorted Fruits
With the new executive sous chef, Chef Johnno Fong, I believe he did bring the buffet dinner to a higher level with uniqueness of food. After all, with so many other buffet dinner options in Penang, it's all about differentiation, given the competitive business environment. 

Valentine's Day Packages Promotion

Since Valentine's Day is coming soon as well, Eastin Hotel Penang has come out with a few Valentine's Day packages. Do check out the promotion flyers at the end of the post.

Eastin Hotel Penang - Valentine's Day
Eastin Hotel Penang - Valentine's Day
Eastin Hotel Penang - Valentine's Day
Check out all the promotion flyers for more details.

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