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X-Men Movie Premiere with i1Holiday @ GSC Gurney Plaza, Penang

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Thanks to, Darling and I got the chance to watch X-Men : Apocalypse movie premiere in conjunction with cinema advertisement launching. FYI, is a global hotel booking comparison website which is currently managed and develop by World Cloud Ventures Sdn Bhd. In other words, you will find the best hotel deals in their website as they do all the comparison! 


X-Men Movie Premiere with i1Holiday
Photo with the props
Personally, I am surprised as I didn't realized that the website name is actually "I Want Holiday" in short, which is kinda interesting! So, as the name suggests, when you want holiday, this is the website where you can find all the incredible deals on accommodation in different countries all around the world. Simply key in the date and destination, then you will get the best offer after comparison from all different companies such as Expedia,,, Airasia and many more! 

X-Men Movie Premiere with i1Holiday
Registration counter celebrated their advertisement launching by giving out 40 movie tickets to 20 lucky winners from their Facebook Page, their friends and family, as well as the 5 invited bloggers. A simple registration and ticket collection were done at the counter in front of the cinema. 

X-Men Movie Premiere with i1Holiday
Door gift redemption
Everyone were taking photos happily with the X-Men as well as the props of Too bad, this time my favorite character wolverine is not in! also give away a very portable USB Wallet Card flash drive that could easily fit into our wallets as the door gift to those attended. All we have to do was just to take a photo and post it into Facebook with all the required hashtag.  

X-Men Movie Premiere with i1Holiday
USB Wallet Card Flash Drive
Before the movie started, we got the chance to talk to the Managing Director and founder of World Cloud Ventures Sdn. Bhd., Darren Tan as well as their IT & Solutions Director, Marcus Tham. With the technological advancement, everything is accessible at your fingertips, literally. Which is why is being created to help the users to compare and book the hotel all in one website

X-Men Movie Premiere with i1Holiday
Casual talk
FYI, World Cloud Ventures Sdn Bhd (WCV) is a leading integrated information technology solutions and software services provider. It offers the world class IT solutions and services in digital lifestyle revolution. WCV was founded by a team of diverse background individuals wanting to create a better tomorrow in ICT application for the daily lifestyle. It all started in 2007 when the founder Darren Tan started Ezytronic Sdn Bhd, which grew to become No.1 Premium Reseller for Dell. They knew that digital lifestyle will shape the future, and thus, WCV was born. Now, WCV is specializes in website and mobile application development

X-Men Movie Premiere with i1Holiday
Interview session
According to Darren, this is just the first stage for as it is currently available in website only. However, the website is 100% mobile friendly, hence, there would be no problem at all to view it thru mobile phone. There will be more and more advancement in the upcoming stages. Throughout the interview session, they are very friendly and down to earth people

X-Men Movie Premiere with i1Holiday
22 kids from orphanage home
Like the saying goes, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we also invited 22 kids from orphanage home to have dinner and then watch the X-Men : Apocalypse movie premiere together with everyone else as part of their corporate social responsibility. 

X-Men Movie Premiere with i1Holiday
Hosted by Marcus
Right before the movie started, Darren made the opening speech for the launching of advertisement while Marcus helps to host the event. They gave the audience a surprise by giving away 6 luggages! The 6 lucky winners are those that their seats were being tagged with a gift sticker. 

X-Men Movie Premiere with i1Holiday
Lucky winner with the gift sticker!
X-Men Movie Premiere with i1Holiday
Lucky winner found the sticker!
Here is the advertisement that you will come across!

Don't forget to participate to win a free trip to Bali! 

X-Men has always been my favorite movie/cartoon since childhood. So once again thanks to for the pair of premiere movie tickets! Besides, now we know where to book our hotel -
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