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Saturday Seafood & BBQ Buffet Dinner @ The Straits Cafe, Ixora Hotel Penang

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Enjoy Seafood & BBQ Buffet Dinner now at 4-Stars Hotel for only RM78 nett per person at Ixora Hotel Penang! Good news for child and senior citizen, they can even enjoy at only RM48 nett per person. At such an affordable pricing, we certainly would not mind to travel across the Penang bridge just for their Seafood & BBQ Buffet Dinner. 

Saturday Seafood & BBQ Buffet Dinner

7.00pm to 10.00pm
Adult – RM78 nett per person
Child / Senior Citizen – RM48 nett per person
*Child- age from 4 to 12 / Senior citizen- age 60 and above

Ixora Hotel Penang conveniently located next to Megamall Penang, which is just 5 minutes away from Penang Bridge. According to Shawn, the Marketing Manager, it is the first time that Ixora Hotel Penang organizes buffet dinner on Saturday as they usually offers buffet lunch only. Which is why they are offering at such a low price to test the market response. 

It was our first visit to Ixora Hotel Penang. The Saturday Seafood & BBQ Buffet Dinner was held in The Straits Cafe & Lounge which is just next to the lobby. I noticed that the lounge is equipped with comfortable sofa and TV with sports channel, certainly a good place to have a drink while watching football matches with friends. Coincidentally, we went during the Earth Hour Celebration day and it was already fully booked. 

We started off with the appetizers which features some of the delectable finger food such as the cheese flat bread with avocado, mini sandwiches and assorted nuts. The cheese flat bread caught our attention the most as we never came across any restaurant serving it especially it is accompanied with fresh avocado! Even though avocado may not be my favorite, but with the wonderful pairing, the cheese is able to balance the smell that I dislike about avocado. 

Ixora Hotel Penang also serves assorted greens at the salad bar, such as potato salad, mixed fruit salad and Japanese baby octopus salad. The variety of sauces are quite impressing as well such as the garlic chili and all the different type of yogurt. Beef salami, chicken sliced and smoked salmon are available too as appetizer. Personally, I think they are quite okay, I didn't really put too much attention on them as all eyes were on seafood and BBQ!

Here comes the highlight of the night - Seafood on Ice! It features oyster, prawn, mussel, scallop and Vietnamese scallop. The seafood were all big in size, the unique one that caught my attention is the yellow color Vietnamese Scallop. Nevertheless they were all juicy and succulent, especially those with the additional reddish orange "coral" (also known as roe or ovary), which I like the most!  

The next highlight of the buffet dinner is the BBQ! It is located at the outdoor of The Straits Cafe together with a few other stalls that serving desserts. You can tell easily what they are BBQ-ing once you are outside as the aroma from the seafood is hard to resist. For the BBQ section, Ixora Hotel Penang serves Slipper Lobster, flower crab, bamboo clams, chicken thigh, beef, lamb, salmon and sausages! To make it more flavorful, 3 different sauces are available too namely mint sauce, rosemary sauce and black pepper sauce. 

One thing you need to know is that all these are prepared by award winning chefs which led by Mr Jovan Beh, the executive chef in Ixora Hotel Penang. Some of the awards include Most Outstanding Penang International Halal Chef Patisserie Award, Champion for 4th Penang International Halal Chefs Challenge Trophy as well as all the other 7 Silver, 3 Bronze and 3 Diploma at different categories.

Next, the main course. To be honest, with the Seafood & BBQ, I was not putting much attention to their main course either. They served Steamed Fragrant Oil Rice, Fried Dumpling Noodles with Big Prawns, Braised Vegetable with Scallop & Mushroom, Stewed Duck, Potato Gratin and so on! 

For the dessert, you can get it both from the outdoor dessert station and the indoor dessert section. Some of the desserts available include Mix Tropical Fresh Fruits, Cream Puff, Fruits Tarlet, Cream Brulee, Cream Caramel, Panna Cotta, Tiramisu Cake and many more. What amazed us the most is actually the availability of herbal jelly (Gui Ling Gao) which is good for the body, especially after eating all the heaty BBQ food.

Another specialty for the Saturday Seafood & BBQ Buffet Dinner is the Green Tea with White Chocolate Fountain. Most of the buffet serves typical chocolate fountain, but Ixora Hotel Penang specially make it for green tea lover! But we would love it better if it is thicker as we find it a bit diluted when it is coated on the surface of those condiments. 

Overall, we had a great Saturday Seafood & BBQ Buffet Dinner at Ixora Hotel Penang. Coincidentally that we met Enqvist and Laygin there too, what a great night to enjoy dinner together. So if you are looking for a good buffet dinner yet does not hurt your pocket, Ixora Hotel Penang should be your top choice! 

Call to reserve to avoid disappointment!

Saturday Seafood & BBQ Buffet Dinner
3096 Jalan Baru, Bandar Perai Jaya, 
13600 Perai, Pulau Pinang.

Call: 04-3828888 (ext 1403)

Enjoy food hunting! ;)
Till then.
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