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Recipes: Pan-fried Chicken Breast

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Trying to be healthy by having low carbohydrate high protein food such as chicken breast? Well, here's a way to make yourself healthy and yummy Pan-fried Chicken Breast! Forget about the bad impression of dry and tasteless chicken breast because this recipe will change your perception! 

Recipe for Pan-fried Chicken Breast! 

For those who have seen me in person, you would know that after so many years of food reviews, now I have thin limbs with fat tummy just like a snowman. I have always been thinking to cut down on my waist line, especially those flabby fat. And we all know exercise and diet are two main important factor, so let's see what I have done towards my diet. 

Here're the ingredients I used:
Serving for 2
2 chicken breast 
4 tablespoon of McCormick Chicken Seasoning
10 tablespoon of wheat flour
1 egg

Easy to Follow Procedures:
I bought my chicken breast from Giant for Rm14.99 per kg, so per piece is around RM3.50. Remove the skin as well as some yellowish fat since this is for the healthy meal. Mix the chicken seasoning and wheat flour together. Crack an egg into another bowl and beat it. 

Next, soak the chicken breast into the egg liquid and then transfer it into the flour. Mix them well and make sure it is coated thoroughly. Heat the non sticky pan and drizzle in some olive oil. Once the pan is heated, place the chicken breast on it. 

Sear both sides of the chicken breast with high heat until the color turns into brown. Try not to press the chicken breast with your wooden/silicon spatula to avoid losing the juiciness. Cover with a lid and switch to medium heat so that the inner part of the meat can be well cooked too. 

Leave it for 5 minutes and it is done! You can eat it with almost anything as the side dish. So far I have tried lemon to kick start your appetite, cheese to give the extra saltiness (not so healthy tho), garlic to give the intense flavor and many more!

How to Make it Better?
I like my chicken breast as it cooked to perfection so far since the meat is still tender, juicy and doesn't loose the sweetness. But I would like to try with some even simple method like oven-baked or maybe steam? Just hopefully they don't end up dry and tasteless which makes me hate chicken breast again. 😁😁😁 

How would you do it differently? Share with me! 

Happy cooking! ;)
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  1. Wah, you're cooking lots, Henry!

  2. You are great cook. Your gf is so lucky to have you cook for her.

    I also lately try to cook healthy too. So chicken breast is my main choice. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  3. Awesome food blogging. When is read it, I found it so informative and got a new food idea along with. I really thanks to you for helping me. I must try it next time. Keep sharing such a nice blog.


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