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White SoHo @ The Scott Garden, Kuala Lumpur

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During our 4D3N KL Trip, we stayed at White SoHo, The Scott Garden which located at Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur. I have chosen this place since it is the most affordable one yet near to Bangsar South where I attended FA Advisory Mid Year Conference. This was the second time we booked through Airbnb since our last trip exactly a year ago at Regalia Residence

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It was our first time to stay or even visit to a SoHo Duplex since duplex is quite rare in Penang. Baby and I are quite fond of such duplex style, perhaps next time we should get ourselves one before having kids. The duplex SoHo with 20ft ceiling height is suitable for our own stay/office/home-office. It is big enough for two person but small enough to clean the whole house by ourselves. 😂

We booked our White SoHo from Suki, unfortunately she was not free to entertain us. Thankfully her helper, May, was friendly enough to guide us. May guided us to the carpark and handed us the key. Security of the building is good as you can only access the lobby door as well as the lift to your floor by using the designated access card.

Overall, I think the White SoHo of Suki was quite nice and cozy. All the necessities are available such as TV, fridge, cooking utensils, washing machine and even water dispenser! I have to compliment the availability of water dispenser as it saves our time to cook or even money to buy. Suki subscribed to HyppTV as well whereby there are plenty of TV channels for us to watch.

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The bedroom upstairs is simple and nice. Baby likes the wallpaper as it gives a comfy feeling instead of just the normal blank wall. All is good but I would hope that there is electric wall socket next to the bed, even better if it comes with USB port for ease of charging phone! The bathroom with semi-transparent glass is quite kinky, but we love it! 😂

Looking out the nice big picture window to a great view of KL city was rather enjoyable especially when you just relaxing at home. It allows more of the natural sunlight and makes the living room more lively. Reading a book next to it would be a great thing to do! 

During my stay, both of the day I was out for meeting and conference, so I didn't get to enjoy the facilities such as the swimming pool and gym. In the evening, baby and I just went to walk around to explore. It was unfortunate that Tesco no longer there, but you can get still get from mini-market or 7-11 (There's also Starbucks!) at the shop lot right below the SoHo. There are quite a lot of pubs at Scott Garden too, so I supposed staying high floors can only avoid those noises. 

Anyhow, if you happened to visit KL and looking for a place to stay, head over to Airbnb and book White SoHo from Suki! Around RM100 a night is quite affordable in my opinion given that the SoHo is fully furnished! 

Go try it out and let me know! 
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Till then!
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