Sunday, September 12, 2010

Melons Supported by Bras

Henry Tan | 10:43 AM |
HAH! I caught your attention again right! =p

Somehow I might disappoint you because it is not what you thinking! =p
Yup! It is the real melons with the real bras. LOL

A fruit farmer in UK uses bras to support her melons.
She was struggling with the melons that swinging too low.
Let's see what she said:

"I thought let's use bras because they suspend my melons very well, so let's use them for this. "

"My own cup was not really big enough to hold the melons - so we asked our customers to send in their bras."

Kinda creative huh? LOL.
Source from Daily Chili
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  1. LOL! I LOVE the Daily Chili XD
    And yeah for a moment I was going wtf???? When I saw the post title XDD

  2. creative way of using bra~
    not bad~~

  3. haha...misused of womens attire..haha..

  4. punkchopsticks..
    hahaha. yeah! same to me!

    Eesoon.. yup! haha!

    mizzura.. misuse? lol. but i think she collected from those people who doesnt want rather than buying new... so is actually recycling! lol


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