Sunday, September 12, 2010

Expensive Price to Pay

Henry Tan | 4:52 PM |
I lost my pencil case again.
Yes, again.
I really have serious short term memory. *sigh*
Please don't blame me, I did not wish to be like that either. =(

The price for paying that is... BUYING A NEW ONE =.=

Black pencil case - wont get dirty so easily! LOL

Some basic needs.

This is actually cheaper than the pack without the keychain. =.=

Sum up to RM40! I did not know it could be that expensive! 

The new key chain for the new pencil case. =D

I lost a lot of things due to my forgetfulness. 
The price to pay for being forgetful is uncountable. =(

Can anyone tell me how to improve my memory?

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  1. I think it's cheaper if you buy it in the book fair (KLCC).

  2. RM40 is a lot!!! if i steal your pencil case i would be rich XDD

  3. Eesoon.. haha. nvm la. go there also cost me a lot ad.

    Shumeen.. haha. swt! but i will keep that in mind, if i lost again, i wil noe who to find. =p


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