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Day 1 Penang 2017 @ 4D3N Star Cruises Super Star Libra

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Thanks to Hwajing Travel & Tours, baby and I had the chance to go on a 4D3N Trip from Penang - Port Klang - Phuket and back to Penang by Star Cruises Super Star Libra on 30th September to 3rd October 2017. It was also our first and ever Mid-Autumn Festival celebration on a cruise in the middle of the sea! This post will be all about our Day 1, read on! 

Day 1 - Penang

Since we need to gather at Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal, baby and I took Grab to the terminal as parking there for 4 days would be costly. One of the most important thing to bring of course would be our passport! A list of things to prepare as below:

Don't be surprised if you ended up dragging a big luggage on board. Since you will be spending most of the time on cruise, do bring along sport shoes so that you can enjoy the sport facilities such as gym, basketball court, ping pong and even driving range (golf)! 

After simple registration at the counter and gotten ourselves the cruise access card, we were ready to board Super Star Libra Star Cruise. Hwajing Travel & Tours prepared the sky blue lanyard for us to keep our access card as it is used as onboard identity card, onboard charge card and cabin key card. You definitely do not want to lose it as people can use it to swipe and spend just like a credit card!

Thankfully our cabin was on Deck 6 with window looking out to the sea view. Our cabin number is 06015A, which means Deck 6 and cabin number 15. The access card will also shown the assembly station, which is C1 for us and can also be seen from the emergency guide inside the cabin too.  

Everyday a Star Navigator will be available for you at your cabin to check out all the restaurants' opening hours as well as the schedule and venue of activities available that day. Subsequently, a copy of it can be taken at the Reception Counter at Deck 4. Once we left all our luggage in the cabin, we went to explore the cruise as well as taking tea break at Mariner's Buffet at Deck 9.  

As baby and I went with the bloggers group, we had a welcoming session by Kenny, the managing director for Hwajing Travel & Tours. Welcoming drink and afternoon tea were prepared for us at Boomers, Deck 8, while listening to the introduction and briefing by Kenny.

At 4.30pm, there was a mandatory safety drill where those that just on board are compulsory to attend. Life jackets are available in each cabin, so we were required to bring along and gathered at designated assembly station - C1. The crew taught us how to put on the life jacket and also what to do if emergency happens, such as the "Titanic" incident! 😂😂😂 I also learned that we need to shout "Man Overboard" if someone fallen off the ship. Interesting experience! 

After the safety drill, we went on to explore and get ourselves familiar with every single decks on the cruise, including the casino, duty free shops, restaurants and all the other facilities. Not sure if we were too excited to be on the cruise or what, we went for early dinner at the Mariner's Buffet. The buffet was okay and there's even Hokkien Mee available in case anyone started to feel homesick!  

After the early dinner, we went to the open air top deck to enjoy the wind and sunset. It was quite relaxing, free and easy to walk around and just enjoy the moment. More importantly, we also took quite a number of photos and videos just to capture our memories there. 

At 7.30pm, we went for dinner again with all the other bloggers at Four Seasons Restaurant at Deck 4, as Hwajing Travel & Tours specially prepared for us. The food was good as we got feast like a king where the main course includes Lobster Berempah, Kurma Lamb, Fish Curry and Honey Chicken. Our late dinner was way too fulfilling! 

There were a lot of activities going on at different deck of the cruise, such as the dancing session at pool deck, show at Stardust Lounge Deck 5, fitness training at the gym, live band performance at the crystal court and so on! But we were too tired and probably sleepy after the heavy meal, so we headed back to cabin to rest early. 

Check out our Day 1 Video!

Stay tuned for the other days!
Happy Cruising! ;)
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