Monday, July 26, 2010

Dried Sour Plum

Henry Tan | 10:36 PM |
Yup. What do you think about dried sour plum?
Girls? Pregnant lady? Sour? LOL.
To me, there's only one thing.
Why would I suddenly talk about sour plum.
There's a friend, who is sick and vomit.
Felt uncomfortable, so, i suggested this sour plum.

To me, sour plum would only reminded me the 3am sour plum.
Wondering why is it 3am right. haha
Is easy, because I bought it at 3am. LOL

It goes back to around 2 years ago...
When I was still staying in Seri Kembangan(SK)...
FYI, SK is a place with 15 minutes driving distance from Cyberjaya...
There's a fren... Is a HER..
She is staying in cyberia...
So, she was not feeling well and felt like vomit in the middle of the night.
Without any hesitation,
I rushed to nearest 7-11 and bought a pack of dried sour plum.
Then again, rushed to Cyberjaya.
Called her down, gave it to her and talked to her till 4 something.

The point is...
Now when i think back,
I felt that am i crazy or what...
But i guess the power that pushing me to do those stuff is Love.

If you ask me would I do it again, now?
Yes, I do.
I guess love is crazy.

Get well soon yea. =)
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