Monday, August 23, 2010

Manhattan Fish Market @ Alamanda Putrajaya

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Let me count, I ate in Manhattan for 7 times already!
For the Alamanda one, I ate for 5 times and each time were at night.
So this time, the 8th was in the afternoon. LOL.
Surprisingly, it looks different!
Without the yellow lighting, it is just so.... abnormal.
Don't have nice environment feel.

Anyway, photos:

Manhattan Fish Market, Alamanda

The trademark!

The new menu! Salam over spices?

I ordered the Bumbu Fiesta for One.

 The appetizer - Mango Pudding

Mushroom soup.
Main course

The quad add on.

They ordered Fishermen's Giat Fried Platter.

Really... GIANT. lol

I have to say this is not the best after I tried so many times.
Not sure why is it. 
The timing? Hmmm.

Taste: 7/10 (Not that nice like before, maybe should eat at night!)
Price: 7/10 (A bit expensive if for daily meals)
Environment: 6/10 (afternoon no yellow lighting, felt different!)
Service: 6/10 (only one waitress, because puasa? or cut cost since usually no one eating afternoon?)

Manhattan Fish Market
Alamanda, Putrajaya
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  1.'ve made yourself a food critic XD!

  2. haha. just based on my point of view. =)

  3. wawawa....its all about food ....thanks for sharing...salam over recipe is weird!!

  4. u go eat by urself? xD
    p/s: ahh...those pic make me hungry (っ>ω<)っ

  5. fane... haha u try already?

    fatin.. nope. went with friends of course.=)
    haha. sorry to make u hungry.
    p/s: read after buka puasa. =D


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