Sunday, August 22, 2010

Outing @ Pulau Ketam

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Yup. Family outing to Pulau Ketam.
So sorry to those who asked why I didn't ask you all to go along. LOL.
Well, it is located at Selangor, which you can take boat from Port Klang.
U can take KTM from KL Sentral and go till the end which is Port Klang.
The boat costs RM7 per person one way.

So, photos again: =D

The new entrance for the jetty to Pulau Ketam.

The boat. LOL.

The inside of the boat.*air-cond*

Looking out from the window.

Not to sit at the emergency exit. 
Reason : 
When we were in the ferry, there is one big kargo ship passes by.
The big ship caused the big wave and splashing on our small boat.
Normal window can withstand the splash of the seawater.
But emergency exit got holes which then the water will be splashing in. LOL.
Kinda scary when the wave is big, like tsunami or something splashing on your window! LOL.

Arriving at the jetty of Pulau Ketam. =D

The fishing village.

I like the place here! windy... 

You can actually rent bicycle at the Jetty. RM5 per day.

It's totally "Engine-free" here.

The only road to go in with restaurant and hotel aside.

Fried Ice cream!!!!

My strawberry fried ice cream.

There are school in there too.

The small town which is just a small road.

Digi really follows you everywhere!

Some of the nice flower. =D

Of course, a lot of small paths.

Mostly Chinese there.. so... temple for sure will be there.

 Very nice. 

The house for "burning". 

Of course, the main temple!

Road to all the houses.

Some of the old houses.

They got small port for the boats.

Some wooden one. LOL.

Peaceful isn't it?

Should be nice staying there once a while!

Another small path to houses.
Not forgetting to get a photo of myself. =D

The life there is simple.
No noise, no pollution, no engine.
Everyday living in a peaceful environment.
That's the life I want! *for few days*
Simple and easy! LOL

Btw, I didnt online or blog for two days.
No one care except some of them.
Then i only realized who really care about me.
Thank you very much. =)

Who said vacation must be overseas?
Discover the places in your own country!
They are not too bad at all! =D
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