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Chu Bakery + Hyde Park @ Perth, Australia

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The first day of our trip at Perth was rather free and easy. We checked out all the "Must Visit Cafe/Restaurant" in Perth, so it is no surprise that Chu Bakery is on our list. Similar to Le Vietnam where we took our late lunch, Chu Bakery is actually one of the highly rated dessert shop in Perth. 

Lemon Cheesecake ($8.50) and Matcha Chu Puff ($5.20)

Chu Bakery actually located along William Street at High Gate, north of Perth CBD. We had to walk like 30 minutes all the way from Le Vietnam to Chu Bakery which is also opposite of Hyde Park. Thru my homework done before the trip, many people would order take away and enjoy the dessert at the Hyde Park. We did the same too as we need some exercise to feel less sinful with all the food! 😂

We got ourselves Lemon Cheesecake ($8.50), Matcha Chu Puff ($5.20) and Matcha Latte ($4.50). Same like the experience for our brunch in Frisch and Barc, we can't stopped ourselves converting back to Malaysia. So eating a slice of Lemon Cheesecake at RM25.50 certainly can feel the burn in the pocket. Nevertheless, the top seller dessert that we had were delightful. 😋

As a tourist, I think certainly it is worth to walk around Hyde Park as it consists of beautiful lake full of floral and fauna. Benches are available everywhere in the park as well and if you like to blend in with the locals, feel free to just sit on the green grass or even roll around! (I always feel like rolling on the grass but never did so and regretted!) 😕

As our first day there in Perth fell on 31 August which is the last day of Winter, we certainly welcome the sunshine in such a cold weather! It is funny to say that we actually appreciate the sun a lot more than we did back in Malaysia. Dessert, sunshine, cold weather and a great view definitely make the best combo for a relaxing afternoon

Black Crow with white feather! So common here! 
While we were munching on our dessert, birds and ducks came so closed to us many times. I must say that the animals here are similar to the Australian, so "friendly", so "outspoken" and totally not afraid to approach human. After the dessert from Chu Bakery, we strolled around the park to discover more of the floral and fauna in Hyde Park. 

Overall, I think we made a great decision by walking to Chu Bakery and Hyde Park. Even though it is quite far away from Perth CBD, but certainly worth the visit. We spotted black swans at the lake too! So if you happen to be there, be it by car or walk, don't forget to pay a visit! 

498 William St, Highgate WA 6003, Australia
+61 8 9328 4740

Opens daily from 7am - 4pm except Monday Closed

Stay tuned for the next post on our Perth Trip! 

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