Sunday, August 22, 2010

Seafood @ Pulau Ketam

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Sorry! I forgot the name of the shop!
It is not any famous shop that people always went.
Cause I felt that it is almost all the same and it would be faster for me to eat! =p
Somehow there's a Fried Lala stall(landmark) right in front of their shop. =)

Anyway, photos....... =p

Vege vege =D

Steamed Lala

Deep Fried Sotong

Sweet Sour Egg Crab

Kam Heong Meat Crab

Fried Lala with Egg

Difference of big and small. LOL

All costs 125.80.

The Bamboo Lala finished already. 
But it is a must try seafood since it is humongous in size!

Taste: 8/10 (Taste good when it is fresh!)
Price: 8/10 (RM30 per kg for meat crab of that size is cheap!)
Environment: 6/10(normal eating shop)
Service: 6/10 (family business, less professional)

Pulau Ketam (Beside Hair Saloon)
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  1. go pulau ketam tak ajak...
    pulau ketam is where seafood costly hahaha... but once a while enjoy the long train and boat trip is a not bad

  2. lol. michele... i went with my family. =)
    if you dont mind joining den next time i will ask. =)

    luporti.. selangor. port klang there can go! =)


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