Monday, September 13, 2010

Do We have Freshie like HIM?

Henry Tan | 12:57 PM |
This article caught my attention.
It is about a freshie that move in to the hostel with 14 pieces of luggage.

14 of this!

Guess what's inside all those 14 luggage?

 A box of apples.

A box of milk cartons.

Several boxes of clothing which include all 4 seasons!

A box of medicine!

A box of health care product.

A fan!


4 year supply of toilet paper! 
YES! 4 years! Not joking!

Thanks god our freshies in MMU during Orientation are not as crazy as him. LOL

Am i right? 
Or you all really bring that much too? 

Source from Daily Chili
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  1. imba. he/she never bring a portable toilet. and where the hell is the computer? lol

  2. luporti! yup.

    robin.. hahaha. yeah! guess what! that case happened in china! =p

  3. wow...
    that person really amazing..


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