Sunday, September 5, 2010

Japan Trip Day 2

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Yup. Back with more photos.
Day 2 visited to Tokyo Disney Sea! =D
5800 yen if Im not mistaken.
Around RM200. =)

Inside the hostel.

Street view

The other side of the street. 

Notice at the door.

Vending machine. Serves cold and hot drinks!

Bicycle.Their common transport.

The blue bridge.

City view.

JR Line. Complicated huh ?

Arrived at Disney Tokyo! =D

Took the Disney Train!

Windows and handles are shape of Mickey!

Columbia Ship

Disney characters getting ready at the back room!

Rows of sakura trees i think.

The globe at the entrance.

Lilo and Stitch!

Mickey, Minie and Donald!

My old time favorite! Pluto!


Magical Land

Fire on Water?

Palace of Aladdin?

Where's flying carpet?

Ate curry in the palace! =D

Not forgetting Mermaid!

And... her dad! King Neptune?

Columbia Ship at night!

Stage performance!

Musical fountain. 4 pretty Japanese babes infront of me! =p

Dinner at McD. McPork. =D

I am very glad that I went there.
If got chance I would go back again! =D
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  1. how i wish i could spend a vacation @ Tokyo Disneyland.. I only spend a vacation @ Hongkong Disneyland. :-)


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