Monday, September 6, 2010

The Oldest Virgin!

Henry Tan | 10:15 AM |
DANG! I caught your attention right? =p

Do you know how old is the oldest virgin that living in the world? LOL


Miss Isa Blyth who are staying in Britain is not only a virgin, she has never ever been kissed before too!

Wait! Are you kidding? Never ever been kissed?

Yup, she believes that being single has made her stay strong.
"She never had time to be sad. She's an amazing character. You wouldn't believe she was 106."

Well, nowadays, the world has changed.
Virginity and purity were not as important as it used to be.
People are starting to become open minded.
Even the age of breaking their virginity has become lower and lower!

So, is that good or bad?
How do you think about that?
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  1. What?! Even not been kissed?! That's cool!

  2. i bet her pa&ma DID kissed her =P

    she shld say..."affectionate" kiss! ooopsss!

  3. simply a wonder! This woman is amazing. *salute*

  4. LOL...she is a saint..... unbelievable


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