Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Recent Lover... =X

Henry Tan | 10:34 PM |
Yes! Do you want to know who I fall for? =p
Let me describe my feeling for her first. =D

When I saw her, i feel this way...



I felt happy whenever i saw her.. =D

the feeling is just like first love...

I think I fall for her already... =X

I can't stop thinking about her..

I felt sweet whenever i saw her! =D

Let me introduce...

my latest lover...

She is....

Charmaine Sheh! LOL =p

LOL. Okay. I know I sounds like those pervert.
But... she is just too attractive already lar!
Was watching this show, 《公主嫁到》.
In the show, she is just too..... indescribable.

For those who got nothing to do, I recommend you to watch! =D
Because I felt... 

Happy! =)

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