Sunday, February 5, 2012

7aste Hong Kong @ 32 Mansion Penang

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It's fun that I started my work for 3 days and then holiday for 4 days! =DD
And on the third day of work...

Thanks God It's FRIDAY! =D

And that's the night for 7aste Hong Kong!
Perfect timing isn't it?
After work then go party with friends!
Special thanks to Steph Ng who asked me to blog about the event,
and in return for....

4 VIP passes!


1 bottle of whisky! =DDD

The place are awesome with the deco!

Especially with those Hong Kong's shop names!

even got dragon! =DDD

You can also play the Dragon Mahjong to stand a chance to win prizes!

Some performance from Totally Spice *dunno who are they =S*

Finger foods are provided too! =D

DIM SUM! really Hong Kong! haha


photos with new friends! =D

The crowds getting more and more!
The music they played are nice!
Even got some Cantonese and Chinese song!

The hostess of the night - Angel Wong a.k.a Chui Ling! 
She's pretty right!!!!

and the party goes wild!
the girl actually take off her cloth! =O
*of course she's still left with bras la*  XD

with some colleagues..

and Gwen with Mag..

I actually did enjoyed myself a lot there!
and it's fun to meet new friends too! =D
Unlike some of the bad comments I read from the previous 7aste event,
I think this is so much better!
Looking forward for the next party!

Work hard and play hard people! =D

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  1. happening, trendy place...but so crowded. I would prefer some place quiet and cosy. Old man mah! LOL!!!

  2. Wow 7aste Hong Kong looks more awesome than 7aste Moscow. =X

  3. Wow! Super nice feel ehhhhhh!!!


  4. Wah lau she really took off her clothes ar??!

  5. Never thought 7aste Hong Kong much happening in Penang. Sumore came with Hong Kong dim sum, that's cool. You're so lucky man! Got the chance took photo with Chui Ling and all your photo is great even at low light! Happy Chap Goh Mei!

  6. suituapui, aiyo! old on the outside, young at the inside mah XD
    erm den u shud go during daytime, its a fine dining place during daytime. haha

    junfook, yup! definitely! hahaha

    nikel, yup, free one! haha

    meitzeu, yupppp, with chui ling there, definitely feel like hong kong! haha

    merryn, yup. haha ppl get high and lose their mind. or... she just imagine that she's at swimming pool wearing bikini! lol

    diana, happy chap goh meh! haha yuppppp! haha other than me and my friend, i dun think there's anyone else get to take photo with her! HAHAHA thanks for ur compliment! =D


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