Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hennessy Artistry Party @ Mines MIECC

Henry Tan | 10:26 PM |
Previously, I got myself a RSVP to this event.
Thanks to Liki who told me about this event. =D

Well, only one of my friend who got the invitation.
We reached there at around 8pm, which is 1 hour early. =.=

For the VIP i think.

Some confusing road sign. =.=

But the mood is definitely ON!

drizzling that time and imagine you have to walk here!

the big background for photo shooting!

the floor plan

their promotional thing: the art of mixing!

At the Global Art of Mixing 

You get to learn to mix yourself!

There is a foreigner teaching!

Yup! Experience the way you haven't before!

you will have to wear the headset to listen to the lecture! LOL

4 types of Hennessy for you to choose:
Hennessy Apple (Hennessy Cognac + Apple Juice)
Hennessy Citrus (Hennessy Cognac + Lime Juice + Coke)
Hennessy Ginger (Hennessy Cognac + Ginger Juice)
Hennessy Berry (Hennessy Cognac + Berry Juice)

My personal favorite: Hennessy Apple! =D

You can also take photos with their props!

Inside the main hall

 The lightings! Geng!

Getting crowded!

the drink voucher!

Exchange for one cup of Hennessy! =D

Rows and rows of Hennessy! =D

Starting with some band! Voodoo I think. =.=

Then, the two hosts of the night!

Not forgetting.... Mizz Nina!!! =D

Seee! =D

Of course... Da Mouth! =D

Ai Sha! awwwwww!!! =D

Most yeng! with the motor! =D

They are very good in getting response from the crowd!

Even the girls climb up to dance!

Mizz Nina with the sexy outfit! =D

To me, the night was awesome!
Especially when you get to see super stars and free flow of Hennesssy!
Not forgetting that it is free! =D

Went home at around 2am.
Manage to take some photos with the Hennessy girls too!
"They are pretty! =D"

"Whole night drank 9 cups of Hennessy! =.="

Suddenly felt like...

"I won't go club anymore!
this kind of special event is way more awesome! =D"

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  1. wao!!! this event really nice >.<
    so many blogger went for it~~~~~
    bring me go larrr next time xD

  2. accidentally found tis blog and accidentally saw myself in ur photo.
    i was there.. spot me! =P

  3. haha. this event must register yourself one. so cant bring anyone. =(

    eejiajing. LOL! so many ppl! how to spot! tell me which one is you! =D


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