Saturday, October 23, 2010

Police Public Demonstration

Henry Tan | 5:58 PM |
Went to the newly open Giant just now.
And we saw their public demonstration.
My first time even though I am not sure what's their purpose!

"Are they trying to recruit more policeman? LOL"

The criminal attacks the victim!

police fight against the criminal!

I never know this is the way how they fight against the criminal!
I thought...

 "they would just take out their guns for whatever case! LOL"

Well, check out this video for more!

"Cool huh?"

Well, let's help them fight against the crime!

"Let's go join Rakan Cop! LOL"

Or at least make a report when you witness a crime?

"Don't be a coward ya! =X"
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  1. haha i love the ending! great stuff btw

  2. LOL, are you trying to be sarcastic with the gun remark?
    Cops are not allowed to pull out a gun at any case and shoot unless in self defense where their life is threaten.

    Junior cops don't even have a gun. They only have a baton. But they accompany senior cops which carries a gun.


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