Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Woman Love Rich Man

Henry Tan | 6:32 PM |
Do you agree?

"Women are more attracted to richer men?"

Don't say it is not!
Come on, this is a realistic world.
Love is not everything!

"Still not agree?"

How would you explain this:
The research proven that most of the couple quarrel over money.

"Many studies found that finances 
are the number one reason for divorces 
and also one of the main reasons 
married people fight. "

And of course not forgetting the nature beneath the living creature:

"Hanging Flies or Scorpion Flies"

"With the prey, 
the male hanging fly won 
the attraction of female hanging fly!"

So, it is the same for human!

As the prey is equivalent to money! =D

Do you agree?

LOL. This info i got it from Lie to Me. Haha!
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  1. speechless :p
    and hey,,i think i saw u in fcm cafe last morning

  2. rich is a desire, not a necessity in finding a mate.
    if someone is rich but abusive, we still don't want them. Having an income is a plus, as when we delve into a relationship, building a family always comes to mind. this includes education and living expenses.

  3. fatin.. really? haha

    nona.. yeah i noe.. but money just a factor tat u cant exclude. lol


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