Monday, November 1, 2010

Women in Red is Sexy?

Henry Tan | 6:43 PM |
"Interesting huh?"

Well, its true!
According to a new study from University of Rochester, New York...

"Women in red seem more attractive to men!"

Weird right? Next question would be why?
According to the psychology professor...

"Red is an indicator of sexual receptivity."

When it comes to what colour to wear to be sexier and more desirable to men, it’s red that does the trick!
Researcher also said that...

"These findings indicate that color not only has aesthetic value
but can carry meaning 
and impact psychological functioning 
in subtle, important, and provocative ways"

"Cool huh? =D"

So girls, remember to wear dress if you are trying to attract the guy. *winks*

source from Daily Chilli
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  1. Oh really? I have loads of red... t-shirts.

  2. only applicable to beautiful gals :P

  3. hahaha good seems like u all know abt it.

    kellie.. wear it only when u wana attract the guy. if nt u wil hv unwanted bees =p


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