Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blood Donation Drive (BDD) @ MMU Cyberjaya

Henry Tan | 12:11 PM |
Yup! 27th Blood Donation Drive is coming!

"Let's donate! =D"

Date: 29 Nov - 2 Dec (Mon - Thu)
Time: 10am - 5pm
Venue: MPH Extension, MMU Cyberjaya

Please make sure that you are...
- Be in generally good health and feeling well.
- Be at least 18 years of age.
- Weight at least of 45kg.
- Slept for at least 5 hours.
- Have eaten something in the past 4 hours.
- At least 3 months after your last blood donation.
- Do not have any medical problems and not on any medications.
- Do not have tattoos, ear/body piercing or acupuncture within 12 months

Don't worry, we will still go thru with you all the details. 

"let's save life"

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  1. i want to donate but i cant. not enuf weight. T.T

  2. i wana donate too but i am scared of the needle>< is there any other way to donate by not prickling my skin with that damn thick needle?><lol

  3. Good that you're donating blood.. haha XD funny right that I myself a medical student but I can't help in this matter.. =(

  4. the injection for anaesthesia is like a ant bites only~ u can ask anyone who ever donate blood to prove this. i m one of them.

    the damn think needle u c is no pain ady after the anaesthesia injection.

    watching the thick needle is scary, so i watch other side at the 2nd time i donate.

    ~yy heng

  5. my bmi not qualified to donate =(


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