Sunday, November 14, 2010

Marche @ The Curve

Henry Tan | 6:25 PM |
MESCORP gathering at Marche.
They always told me that if you saw a cow, then that's Marche.
But I never know there's a cow in The Curve. =.=

This green cow. =.=

Ain't weird that cow is green in color? LOL

This is Marche!

Usually crowded on weekends night.
You may consider to book before going. =)

Our reserved table!

 Thanks to our big bro, Pangwui to book for us! =D

You will be given this card at the entrance.

They will write down your orders in this card.

Basically, this is how it works:
1. You pick the food.
2. They cook the food.
3. You go collect your food.

 The drinks stall.

The grill and Rosti stalls.

They got a lot different stalls with variety of foods for you to choose!

My drinks = Root Beer!

 My order - Catch of the day!

My fish! =D

The end product! =DDDD

Some other foods that ordered by my friends:

Some of the foods are really awesome!
The mushroom soup definitely must try!

Taste: 8/10 (You can choose the raw material and let them cook!)
Price: 6/10 (Quite expensive tho!)
Environment: 9/10 (Special! like market! yet clean and comfy!)
Service: 8/10 (Friendly as they slowly explain to you everything!)

"Try it out today!! =D"

The Curve
Lot G87, Ground Floor,
Mutiara Damansara
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  1. wow..looks delish!

  2. Henry! Henry! I went to 101 Mall (for the first time) today! XD

  3. im having tea break now...and i want to have these food as my food!!!

  4. Nona! wow! what a great discovery for u. =.= LOL

    magdalene.. lol. go lar! =D


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