Friday, November 12, 2010

Him Heang ((馨香) @ Burma Road, Penang

Henry Tan | 9:52 PM |
"Did you hear before?"

Well, don't get it wrong.
It is different from Ghee Hiang.
Where people always get mixed up.

Him Heang got the star logo.

Well, Ghee Hiang is an old brand that more than 150 years. 
That time, they were the best.
But nowadays many people would prefer Him Heang.

Ghee Hiang got the baby logo!

Well... of course...
They both are rivals in making biscuit...
Especially this...

Tambun Biscuit or Tau Sah Peah

Looks delicious huh? =D

Beside this.. 
they also got....

Another special thing about Him Heang is that...

They only have one and only one shop which is in Burma Road, Penang. 
They even mentioned that...

"We have never appointed or shall appoint 
any agent or retailer's outlet to market our products."

So cool huh? LOL

"So remember to try it 
when you visit to penang! =D"

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  1. Means other are just copy cat lo?

  2. LuPorTi, not copy cat la. Just people prefer to which shop only la. You cannot say the coffee shop copy cat the very first coffee shop right?

    The best one should be eat it fresh, if more than a week, any brand/shop also sucks! :D

  3. But they shouldn't copy the brand name, isn't it?


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