Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why Google Map is Funny?

Henry Tan | 10:16 PM |
Check this out!

Follow the instruction below:
1. Go to google map
2. Go to Get Directions
3. Type Taiwan as Start location.
4. Type China as End Location.
5. Read the Step 24.

Then you will see this....

"Swim across the Pacific Ocean!!!"


Let's see from Taiwan to US... LOL

"Kayak across the Pacific Ocean!!!"
"Kayak? Seriously? LOL"

What about from Taiwan to Africa? =D

"We could not calculate the distance from Taiwan to Africa!"


Now, your turn to have fun! =D
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  1. omg is this true??
    Ridiculous weh..

  2. walau no kidding, google map think we are super human meh!

  3. goodness... that is so funny!


  4. few months back, it works every time!
    but now somehow some time it not working anymore. I tried Penang to LA. :D

  5. Try Japan to USA and read step 47 XDDD

  6. Now Taiwan to USA says "Swim across the Pacific Ocean". Haha, die lah before reach destination. XD

  7. When there's a will, there's [always] a way! XD

    The first time I've heard this was when a lecturer showed us getting to somewhere in Japan from Melbourne. He was talking about the days before the Australian Synchrotron was built, and Aussies had to piggyback on other's facility for experiment. Hilariously funny! So, imagine, kayaking across the Pacific Ocean for an experiment!

    There're more blog posts and mentions about this - all hilariously funny!


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