Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bad December!

Henry Tan | 2:50 AM |
I have to say, this is really a dark dark Decemeber!
Things just keep getting worst!
A whole bunch of bad things just keep coming!

How strong do i need to be to withstand all of it?

I realized that no matter how rational you are,
When you are down, means you are down.

Those who comment about the recent commit suicide case,
saying how stupid those people are.
Yes, they are, but when you are down,
how rational can you be?

Is it I think too much?
Or I care too much about what others say?

For whatever it is,
I just hope it will be over soon.
Please, don't push me any further.
I won't know how long i can keep holding on.

Hope that my sunshine will appear soon!

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  1. :(

    Sorry for the long silence.. was surprised with this post too.

    Well, the best thing to do when you feel at your lowest, is to whine and whine, and whine, until you have enough of whining, until you feel yourself it so pathetic, until you'd rather do something else than sit and whine about it.

    I used to think of suicide. Almost attempted too, yup, despite the advises and taboos. But I got this advice, tried, and then I feel like I want to give myself a slap on a face, a kick in the stomach, and get up to do something :).

    Sounds like a cheesy motivation, but hey, I'm not perfect, I have my right for one moment of selfishness XD.

    So do you.

  2. If I tell you to don't worry be happy is just bull****.
    But "hang in there, baby".

  3. Yea, when a person is down, means he is down. It's really hard to be cheer up.

    You know what am I having.

    Although it's not a good thing to have, but, I know a lot of things from there. I know about human more than ever.

    Humans is very weak. Our minds are easy to be controlled by a lot of things, such as emotion.

    When our minds are defeated, a lot of things cannot be explain anymore.

    Why a person committed suicide, it's not just as simple as say, he is sad because being dumped by his girlfriend. It's already complicated feeling where it's hard to be explain in rational reasoning.

    Try to be positive, it's really a thing that easy to be said. When we are still fully control our mind, yea, think positive is positive. But, when negative won in the battle, when our brain fail to think positive, we are just simply can't no. No reason.

    It can be said that the person is weak. But I sometimes prefer to say, his 'enemy' is too strong.

    Well, whatever it is, just let it be.

    Whether it's good or bad, life goes on.

    Haha, I am also trying to move towards 'just let it be', but I can't too.

    Let's move towards there together.


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