Sunday, December 26, 2010

Next Stop @ First Avenue, Penang

Henry Tan | 5:57 PM |
My first time to first avenue. =D
Not many shops open yet though.
Somehow I felt that Penang suddenly got so many malls. =.=

Very eye catching huh?

Yup! The Next Stop!

They will honk you when your food is ready! LOL!

2 sets! =D

Nothing special about the food.
Just that the concept of the bus is unique.
And the Sorbet is nice!

Sorbet = Fruit mixed with Ice Cream.

Taste: 7/10 (Normal, but must try the sorbet!)
Price: 7/10 (Not too expensive! RM9 per person)
Environment: 6/10 (Normal!)
Service: 6/10 (A lot of workers in a small stall, yet inefficient!)

If you are looking for a tea break,
perhaps you can have a try! =D

Next Stop (Outside RedBox)
First Avenue, Penang
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  1. Wow, interesting place. Next time I'm going back home, I'll see if I can make a quick trip to Penang and find this place. :D

  2. There is another outlet located at Sunway Carnival Mall, Seberang Jaya.


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