Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 New Year Resolution

Henry Tan | 12:30 PM |
New year new hope,
of course we should have new resolution right?

But what's more important is doing it.

So here's mine. =D

2011 New Year Resolution
1. Enjoy every single day!
2. Live a healthy lifestyle, sleep early! eat healthy! exercise!
3. Get to know more friends, build up the network!
4. Be more hardworking, no more procrastination!
5. Do my best in everything I do!
6. Get the mutual fund consultant license!
7. Spend more time with family!
8. Try to please everyone, or atleast for the greater good!
9. Forget the past, Appreciate the present, Look forward to the future!
10. Fulfill all the above.
11. Get a girlfriend perhaps? =D

"Vision without action is merely a dream,
Action without vision is just passes the time,
Vision with action can change the world!!!"

"Let's do it! =D"
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