Saturday, January 22, 2011

RC Thaipusam Duty @ Batu Cave

Henry Tan | 12:10 PM |
This is my third time for the Thaipusam duty at Batu Cave.

"Probably it will be my last time too. =("

Maybe you would be thinking what so fun about duty right?
Well, personally...
I think that it is the happiness I gained from helping people. =)
The smile they gave in return are more than enough. =D

Departure from MMU.

5 ppl in a bus? LOL

Free ride from KTM Serdang! =D 

Breakfast at McD KL Sentral. =)

Super crowded KTM KL Sentral.

 Super crowded at Batu Cave also! =S

WOW! K-9 were there too! =D

Ready to start duty at Dark Cave! =D

Some of the cases.

Another case!

Some fainting cases.

Some dizzy cases.

More serious cases. =(

Tiring day. =]

Not forgetting group photos! =D

Credit to those members who went for the duty. =)
You guys done a great job.
Hopefully will have more members going next year! =D

"I will never forget these memories here. =)"
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  1. I think its fun n cool.. can help ppl at the same time.. thumbs up!! ^^

  2. y is this youe last time? should keep going if u have chance.

  3. ahhh Red Crescent.. no wonder carry people


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