Monday, April 11, 2011

Fort Cornwallis @ Penang

Henry Tan | 6:43 PM | |
Yup! The only fort in Penang!
If you see carefully, it is actually a star shaped fort.
Out of my surprise, Wikipedia says that...

"The largest standing fort in Malaysia!"

Wow! I didn't know it's bigger than Malacca one!
However, this fort had never engaged in any war.

You would see a clock tower next to it!

ofcourse their signboard!

if you are here, you probably went to the wrong entrance! 

This is only the right one!

Come to Penang, 
of course you must greet Captain Sir Francis Light!

They got these for photoshooting!

The chapel!

And also not forgetting the largest cannon!
Seri Rambai Cannon!

Penang flag! =D

Im just too fascinated with the cannon here.
How good if we could see how it works!

"Historical City that you shouldn't miss! =)"

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