Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monkey Beach @ National Park Penang

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It is located inside the National Park of Penang.
One of the clean beach left in Penang.

"So, please don't pollute it!"

I think Monkey Beach got more things to play.
They provide place for BBQ, Camping and so on. 

The entrance if you are going to jungle trek to the beach.

Otherwise, you could choose to take the boat.

Crossing from the old to the new bridge. lol

The jetty to wait for boat.

Normal Boat Ride:
1Boat (2 ways) : RM100
Can fit up to 10 persons.

First catch of the day - PRAWN!

The seaside quite wide for activities.

 Guys enjoy catching fish.

While girls enjoy taking photos. lol

Second catch of the day - CRAB!!! =DDD

 Third catch of the day - FISH!! =D


If you are looking for nice beach to go in Penang,
I strong recommend you the 3 nice beaches. (Pantai Teluk Aling and Pantai Kerachut.)

But please be reminded that,

You need a sunglasses, sunblock and also sandflies repellent.

"I am a lot darker now! =.="

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