Sunday, May 1, 2011

Look Out Point @ Ampang LOP

Henry Tan | 2:11 PM |
I went quite a few times,
yet still lost of direction.

"So yes, you should google map it first before you go!"

Last time went without my DSLR.
So i thought i would get some nice shot.
But who knows.....

 my photo shooting skill is not good enough.
Especially at night.

"This is the best i can get! =("

Go LOP of course should eat at LOP. =p

Quite a lot of people there.

 The best would be sitting next to the awesome view!

Environment and all are not bad.

The food were not bad too.

Everything were kinda nice.
But somehow one of the waiter was very rude.
Felt like he is very arrogant.
He gave me the feeling as if...

"Is okay you don't eat here, 
we still got a lot customer coming!"

Taste: 7/10 (Most of the food quite nice!)
Price: 6/10 (Quite expensive since they provide awesome view!)
Environment: 8/10 (Nice place to chill out with friends!)
Service: 6/10 (Not good)

Anyhow, forget about that.
Just that particular waiter only.
Other than that, being in KL,

"You should at least go once to have a look! =D"
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  1. absolutely!~ they have this attitude "Is okay you don't eat here,
    we still got a lot customer coming!"
    i face the same problem oso, with their lansi attitude -_-


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