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Chicken Rice Corner @ Canning Vale Food Court, Western Australia

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Cheap eats nearby Perth? Since we forgotten to bring our food to picnic in Araluen Botanic Park, we headed over to Tan's Food Court in Canning Vale for some cheap chicken rice as late lunch. Tan's Food Court in Canning Vale features a variety of Asian food stalls, but the one we had was Chicken Rice Corner. 

So the next question, how much money would only be considered cheap? $6.50! Chicken Rice Corner mainly serves chicken rice, like the name suggests. But during our visit, Laksa at $6.50 was available too! $6.50 X 3 = RM19.50, must be one of the most expensive chicken rice in term of Ringgit Malaysia. But at least it is one of the cheapest meal in Perth we had seen so far. 

Taste wise, there is not really anything to shout about, just a standard chicken rice - fragrant oil rice with roasted chicken. I supposed if you have a sudden urge or craving for chicken rice, this will do. For us, it was more like to fill our empty stomach while taking a break on those western food. 

We tried their Laksa as well since I thought it would be my comfy food in such a chilly weather. Thankfully they did show the photo of "Laksa" (which supposed to be "Curry Mee" for Penangite like me), so it was exactly what I want. I guess they are not from Penang, maybe Singapore or Malacca. Personally, I think it was not spicy enough, probably just to match the local Australian taste buds, but I did finished the whole bowl of curry soup! 😋😋😋

During our lunch there, more than half of the customers were all Asian. Even the grocer is selling mainly Asian groceries. So if you are craving for cheap Asian food around Perth, make sure you visit Chicken Rice Corner at Tan's Food Court! 

Chicken Rice Corner
46-48 Catalano Circuit, Canning Vale WA 6155, Australia
+61 412 716 418
Opens daily from 10.30am to 8.00pm
Closed on Tuesday

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