Sunday, June 26, 2011

Internship @ AMD

Henry Tan | 12:24 PM | |
I have lost count on how many days Im in AMD.
Or I should say I didn't even go count. LOL.
Somehow time passes by really fast!
The first question people would ask...

"How's AMD?"

Well, honestly, I think not bad.
Everyday I also got works to do.
Monday to Friday, Friday to Monday, again and again.

But let me show you something interesting that I found in AMD.

Just a normal male toilet huh?

Take a closer look! 

Yes! Urinal is talking! LOL

It is irritating that the floor below the urinal is always wet.
Wet still okay, but what if it stinks? =S
I will have to step onto it? =S
Then I will start thinking......

"They are not good at aiming?
They have a lousy gun? LOL"

Allow me to illustrate in pictures. LOL

Sorry for my lousy drawing.
And thanks to the urinal photo from
And also on how to draw a stickman. LOL

So people...

"Be considerate kayyyy! =D"

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  1. hahahaha...creative illustrate way! =p

  2. ah!! I stil cant get an internship company and i'm getting real worry.
    between,working life aint fun at all.

  3. Haha. It's really a creative post.

  4. lol! which Amd is this again? I mean which state?

  5. Hahahahaha! And I thought only female toilets will have these kind of signs! XD

  6. Seriously, how to draw a stickman? LOL!


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