Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pasar Malam @ Bayan Baru

Henry Tan | 6:32 PM |
Sick for weeks, I wasn't able to eat much.
So finally I recovered, and the first thing to do....


Yes! I didn't go for a long long time!
Too bad I forgot to bring my camera,
so no photos of the pasar malam.
FYI, Bayan Baru pasar malam is on Thursday every week! =D
It is located at the Mayang Pasir.

But here's some food i ate:


Char Koay Kak! =DDD 

Chicken backside! AWESOME YO!!! =DDDDDDD 

Roasted chicken with peanut paste. 

and also durian! I think dad spent RM55 for all these! =S 

I used to go pasar malam every week!
Of course, there are pros and cons with pasar malam.

"Pros definitely would be the food!
All the cheap food! =DD"

But guess what's the cons?
Well, perhaps for me only,
pasar malam is a nightmare because....

"Bamboo cane! Rotan!"
Yes! I am talking about this cane!

Yup, I grew up in a family whereby I "eat rotan" almost everyday. =(
My parents believe in physical punishment.
So... yeah! pasar malam is the place that they buy rotan from!
Guess what.. they always buy "canes" and not just "cane".

"That explains why pasar malam can be nightmare too!"

So how about you?

"What kind of memory you have with pasar malam? =D"
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