Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gathering with Old Friends

Henry Tan | 6:43 PM |
I went to a gathering with my primary school friend yesterday.
and yes....

"I feel young again! XD"

After I started my internship, i always slept at 11, woke up at 7.
It has been a long time that I didn't do something crazy!
So yeahhhh, I did it with them! =DDD

Starting with my basketball game from 5.30pm to 7pm.
Then, went to 1st Avenue, Redbox sing K from 8 to 12am.

The food in Redbox just so-so.

And not many options on the food too!

 Yes, went to crazy with these three OLD friends!

Yup! Old = 12 years?


Lastly, Harry Potter from 1215am to 230am! 3D!

Eugene, Jian Joon and Sheng Wei.  


I hardly will say no to friends, especially the OLD one!!
Okay enough with the word OLD. LOL

But yeahhhh...

"I treasure them! =DDD"

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  1. LOLz!!!! Really long time tak buat such crazy stuff d!! hmm.. not really lama.. but with you all, really lama tak buat d!! hahahahaha!! Glad that we did that. now let me go grab some sleep first.. *yawn*


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