Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Me versus Hair Loss!

Henry Tan | 10:43 PM |
No worries!
This is not about the hair loss solution advertisement!

"I am not that worst yet! >.<"

But yeah, I'm fighting against it!
Well, I have to say, I inherited with the bald head gene! *i think*
Plus, improper care and stress i think? LOL

Anyhow, here's my photo.

You can actually see how "wide" my forehead is!

just in case you forgot how do I look like. =.=


"Here's what I'm fear of!!!"
Photo taken from Daily Chilli.

According to a post from Daily Chilli,

"No hair, no confidence!"

How true is that?
Well, nobody would like bald especially young people like me right?

And another statement.

"Women prefer men with a full head of hair, 
especially young one?"

What do you think then?


"Prevention is better than cure!"

So yeah, I must take good care of it from now on! =D
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  1. I think you're good looking enough to pull off the "shiny" botak look- which scerams sexy.

    Just not botak somewhere in the middle top- not sexy. XD

  2. first time see your pic in your post leh! not bad ah xD

  3. haha well some girls like the botak-ness,somehow it looks sexxay.haha.

  4. Pouleen, haha are you sure sexy is the right word? LOL

    Magdalene, haha first time only meh?

    @syieranuar, sexy again? LOL i mean like seriously? lol

  5. Hmm....do you know what I think? I think you should go bald for a change. I'm sure you'll look as good as Vin Diesel. ;P


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