Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Genting Trip with AMD Colleagues

Henry Tan | 5:10 PM | |
Guess what people...

"Finally I get to enter CASINO!"

Okay, maybe nothing much to brag about. 
Basically I was like a cameraman.
And the opportunity cost of being cameraman?
There wouldn't be much photos with yourself inside!

Anyhow, I really enjoyed it! =D

We took bus from Pragin Mall. 
To and fro : RM50  

"Macam album cover huh? XD"

Another album cover. HAHA!

Finally, photo with me inside! =DD 

"Space shot weyyyy!"
I think the girl beside was too scared? =X LOL!

I used to play this like 7895765894 times 
during primary school trip =.=!

Probably i can get HIGH playing that. =X

Our steamboat dinner! =DDD

"Ignore my expression. lol"

Before back, not forget to get myself a group photo! =D 

These photos took me some time to upload.
There are 250 plus photos and a few videos. =.=

"So bear with me ok! "

Life's too happening recently. =X
But I do like it! =DDD

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