Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Dare You

Henry Tan | 10:23 PM | |
I got a story to share. =)
I bet most of you play this before.

"Truth or Dare?"

But I'm not gonna talk about TRUTH in this post.
Like who cares right? LOL.

So yeah, the story started with the night I went out with my friends.
We played the card game with the punishment of Truth or Dare.
So yeah, I was lucky enough to get the punishment.
And guess what?

"They dare me to get number from the waitress. =.="

Yeah, I know.
This is just another typical Dare challenge.
But when it comes to really doing it, I never try that!

"Well, not until that day. =p"

The number I get. XD

Okay, obviously this is not her real number.
Otherwise I wouldn't posted it here. =p

But the point is....

"Where do I get the guts to do it?!"

Probably, I became braver?
Probably, I intended to know her number?
Probably, I got challenged easily?

Well, I also don't know. =D
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  1. How do you know that is not her real number? Do you mean that you actually tried to call her already? :P

  2. hello Jennie.
    haha. no la. but i saw her like thinking what number to write. =.=
    So I think she just make up some numbers, cause she knew we were playing game. haha

  3. LOL... yeah, you called her? XD

  4. eh.. thats my private number!!! @@!!!


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