Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hennessy Artistry Party @ Sixty-9ine Mansion, Penang

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Check out the previous H-A that I attended. =D

This is the second event that I got lucky with! =DDD

My first glass of the day. 

Thirsty? =p

We went quite early, that explains the emptiness! haha 

the small bar there. 

this is actually the outside part, on the beach! 

and the middle part, beside the pool! =D 

I wonder why guy serves the alcohol. =(((( 

Promoting Hennessy~~~ 

 crowded down there! 

event started with the nice lady as the host! =D 

I like the coconut trees behind. =X lol 

It was really colourful there!  

2nd and 3rd glass of Hennessy. 

Getting crowded and crowded!  


See, we don't have to squeeze with others down there!  

Photo taken from Melissa's album. =X

Managed to meet Phoebe there too! =D

Well, to me, it wasn't that nice compare to the previous one.
Without the big stars, without the free flow whole night long...
Yeah, pretty much not that awesome already!

"But I am happy to meet friends there! =DDD"

Hopefully the event will get better next year!
Of course, hopefully i will get the ticket once again! *fingers crossed*
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  1. Hi there Henry! Nice event at Penang!
    Let's hope the KL H-Artistry will be a good one too!


Thanks! Appreciate your feedback! ^^

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