Thursday, January 3, 2013

Steamed Fish Head @ Sheng Kee Restaurant, Equine Park

Henry Tan | 5:57 PM |
Anyone fancy for fish head?
Be it curry fish head or steamed fish head, both are my favorite!
And there's one I found in Taman Equine in Seri Kembangan.

The fish is BIG!

Teow Chew Steamed Fish Head!

This is just fish head! So huge!
Personally I like it! 
You can smell the fragrance of Hua Tiao Chiew (Chinese Wine).

See! compare with my Fu Yong Egg!

Fu Yong Egg! Not bad too! Full of ingredients!


Bitter Gourd Soup!!

I like it!
The bitter gourd is soft enough that it doesn't taste bitter!
Can taste the sweetness of meat in the soup!

I always went for their fish head noodles.
The portion is quite big too! 
Not bad to go for a try!

Restaurant Sheng Kee
9, Jalan Equine 9
Taman Equine
43300 Seri Kembangan
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: (+603)8942 9006
H/p: (+016) 206 5633

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  1. nice size of fish head but I kinda prefer spicy flavor such as ginger steam XD

    1. haha i see! another way to cover the fish smell! =p

  2. yummy!! looks good eh the fish..

  3. All the food looks yummy! Especially the fish head!

  4. Gosh, my hubby loves fish & he'll fall in love with this! I'm a Teochew & make this sometimes too. Love it with lots of salted veg. Happy 2013, Henry!

    1. hoho! hi5! im a teowchew too! and yes! we love salted veg!

  5. Teochew style is my fav for steam fish..

  6. my goodness, your post makes my tummy roars. i'm a huge huge huge fan of fu yong dan. darn!!

    btw, i just followed you on nuffnangx. because of fu yong dan. hahah!

  7. Whoah! I love steam fish. Fish head in particular. I love eating fish eye..I'm assuming those tofu is japanese tofu?

    1. fish eyes?! omg! i only eat those with curry. haha erm.. yupp japanese tofu. =D

  8. Not only the fish head is big, the tofu also big size!

  9. Nowadays, Sheng Kee got crispy roasted pork and chicken rice which won prizes before!! If i didn't remember wrong,the prize is 2007 "NTV7 top10 chicken rice "!! And i prefer to eat Curry Fish Head, it's spicy and yummy ^_^ i <3 it

    1. owh i see! well for me if the fish is fresh, then should it at the purest form! =D sashimi also can. XD
      btw yup good that u like those! =D


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