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Behind 50 @ Jalan Muntri, Penang

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Revisited Behind 50 again recently.
They are ready for Christmas! 

Ho Ho Ho!!

Santa is coming to town~~~

But they changed their menu already.
The menu itself is much nicer in stamp album.

Almond Baked Fish

The set dinner no longer RM19.90.
But rather Main Course + RM8 to get the set.

Dinner Set = Main Course + Soup + Selected Drinks + Dessert

Anyhow, it is still a good option to go for dinner. ;)

Had a great dinner with my supervisor and friends at Behind 50.
Frankly, the shop is better than I thought. 
Perhaps, I underestimate it. =X

Nice? =D

Well, if you see from their Fb Page, they wrote Love Lane.
But I would advise you to look for the road Jalan Muntri.
The name Behind 50 probably due to the shop in front with the address lot 50, Love Lane. 

I'm guessing this is the shop Lot 50 which facing Love Lane.
and the side lane which is Jalan Muntri.

 Graffiti? Nope! It is actually made of steels.
You could find it on the wall of the shop Lot 50.

 and behind the shop Lot 50 will be our destination!
Behind 50! Literally! LOL

"That's how the got their name! =D"

Their menu surprisingly simple and easy. 

Some of their interior design. =D 

A cup of peach tea from the dinner set. 

Set Dinner is just RM19.90!

For appetizer, you can either choose...



Mushroom soup! 

I have to say that their mushroom soup is nice!
Just by the look, it is tempting already! Isn't it?
And I like the way they make the soup not too thick nor creamy.
You can still feel the tiny beads of their ingredient which taste real!
Unlike some others that would just taste like those mushroom soup in can.
It is also creative that they give Bangkali Roti instead of french loaf! 

For main course, there's a list of 5 or 6 meal to choose.

Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese 

Spaghetti  Seafood Carbonara

Spaghetti Chicken Carbonara

The Carbonara quite good as it isn't too creamy or cheesy.
The portion just nice and you won't feel jelak. =D

For dessert, you can choose different flavour of ice-cream.

My butter-scotch ice-cream. =D

"Can't get enough?"

Try some of their famous dessert.

 Cheese Cake - not too dry, not too cheesy, just nice!

 Chocolate Brownie Cake with Ice Cream

Overall, we had a great dinner there. =DDD

Taste: 8/10 (Nothing much to describe, just Good!)
Price: 8/10 (Surprisingly cheaper than I thought.)
Environment: 8/10 (A small shop yet comfortable!)
Service: 8/10 (They are friendly and nice!)
Average: 8/10

Behind 50
Jalan Muntri, Penang
Tel: 012-4939230
Mon - Wed: 11:30 am - 1:00 am
Fri - Sun: 11:30 am - 1:00 am
Close on Thursdays

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  1. Thanks for picking up a jewel in the back alleys for us to get a taste too!

  2. many people went there and blogged for it, I still hvnt been there yet,haha..thx for sharing!

  3. looks a bit dodgy, the back lane. but the graffiti in steel, tat's so cool!

  4. One of a kind, I like how unique the name is. Behind 50, Y U NO in KL?

  5. Nice decor, nice food, nice company... Who could ask for more?

  6. i really thought those are grafitti. can't blieve it's made of steel.

  7. 19.90 not bad leh~ And the place really looks very cute. :D

  8. I'll just go for desserts and more desserts!

  9. Am i right, the place is kindly hidden...


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